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Kivi @ 480 313 4383









Long Distance Reiki





Swedish/ $99.00/60m

Deep Tissue​/





40m, for,

Massage Combo, plus Reiki


Flat rate

*Add 30m massage $49

*Add Reiki $49


Kundalini Yoga:

Pranayam, Kriya's, Meditations, and Mantra

(Private Instruction)




w/ Kivi


1st time session $30/30m

Tarot Card Reading,

Intuitive Healing

w/ Chastity



Shakti Session:

Experience the divine female creative energy at the base of your spine with Reiki, and intuitive massage.

First, I, will assist in moving energy from blocked area's of the body.~such as, the hips, and belly-up thru the chakra's~ to the heart, throat, and crown chakra.

Followed with, Lomi-Lomi, (an ancient Hawaiian healing massage) This modality circulates stagnant qi, stimulates the sense's~and distributes energy, where needed.

This session will leave you feeling~renewed, relaxed, balanced, invigorated, clearer, and ready to meet the challenges of the day.

Organic Coconut Oil

Hot Steamed Towels

Choice of (quality)Hemp Oil,

or, essential Oils.


Tantra Session:

Tantra, is, a Hindu word that means to weave. In this session, you will connect  your breath, to the subtle senses of your body.

The session, starts with, a Lotus meditation, and eye gazing~to connect you intimately~to the therapist, and your heart center.         
Followed, with, energy work at the base of the spine~ the heart, the ajina, and the crown chakra.

 The massage will consist of light, and soft, and gentle strokes~ through out the body~that are healing, and tingling to the senses. 

You will be encouraged to deeply breathe~ to move the Shakti energy through out the body- during the session- for ultimate healing, and pleasurable feelings.

Soft Music
Hot Steamed Towels
Scalp Massage, and Hair tugging
Belly Massage
Tantric/ Hemp Oil for foot rub


Anti -Stress Session:

This massage relaxes the muscle's, especially, the nervous system. Cranial sacral massage, and Reiki, will assist in opening up energy within your spine. As well as, promoting rhythmic flow of the cerebral spinal fluid in the brain, and spinal chord.

It is performed with slow, and rhythmic massage strokes through out the body~allowing the body to unwind, and receive feelings of bliss, and renewal..

Special anti-stress oils help remove the tension in your body.

This massage will reset your homeostasis, release pain, and tension~leave you feeling refreshed, and fantastic.


Hot Steamed Towels


Tandem Massage

(4 Handed)

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have 4 hands massaging you, at the same time?

It is a feeling that cannot be duplicated.

Your body's senses will become activated, elevated~

and your pleasure will be accentuated.